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The Early Years, and Influences







I love taking photos of nature and landscapes that inspire me. In college I was able to develop my own film in a darkroom the old fashioned way and I really enjoyed it. Both my photography and BFA work share the same mystery combined with a longing for the past. The discoveries in my photography greatly influenced the sudden shift in my paintings at the time. Today I don't have access to a dark room anymore and instead I shoot photos  with my iPhone for fun and as inspiration for my paintings. 


As a child I was drawing constantly and carried my sketchbook with me everywhere. If I got in trouble at school it was because I was doodling. I can remember sitting in front of the TV waiting for Bob Ross to come on. He was my favorite and I would paint along with him some days.  Another huge influence of mine very early on was my Grandmother who had passed before I was even born. I never got to meet her but heard a lot about her. My Grandmother Marilyn Hainen had also been a landscape painter and one of her paintings hung above our main living room sofa.  I often studied it and was inspried to be like her. 

Photography, 2005-2006
Early Works K-12
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